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« on: May 02, 2016, 02:55:15 PM »
My wife and I bought a new 2015 cforce 500 ho. I joined this to get feed back on issues I have r am having. We really like the machine but have had a couple of issues already. It had 99 miles on it when we got it from the dealer,( demo-mode)l. I've put 70 miles on it already. We have had an on going issue with it kicking out of gear when it gets stuck on snow or ice (yes we still have snow in north idaho) as well as when my wife let the rear brakes get over heated by driving it with the rear brake on (her foot was pushing on the pedal for 2 miles). when I finally noticed what she was doing and stoped her the pedal whent right to the floor and if you tried to stop the ATV with the pedal it would pop out of gear when it came to a stop. After every thing cooled down it all worked fine again. Also the right rear side under the tail pipe gets so hot you can't touch the fender. Any thoughts.


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Welcome!  Not sure what I can say about the brakes as they may now have an issue from being ridden that far but the transmission shouldn't come out of gear. One issues others have had with other models is loose engine mount bolts and shifter linkages out of adjustment. These are easy checks and fixes though...until the shifter forks in the transmission become damaged from being forced back out of gear that is. Need to get this looked at asap.
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NMK's sugestions are spot on for the popping out of gear. As to the heat, you can try to add a heat shield or try exhaust wrap around the pipe to send the heat farther down the line. Others have tried the wrap and might chime in.
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My wife's has the same machine no problems yet the overheating on the fender is a concern I'd have it looked at... My wife's does not do it
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« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2016, 10:09:54 AM »
Wait a minute your wife drives?? Just joking ;D Welcome; mine stopped shifting into low once just a simple adjustment is all it needed hardest part was removing the push-pins on the center gearshift cover
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Welcome to the madness!
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Welcome, glad to have you with us! Great people and great advice at your fingertips.
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