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Insurance in Michigan
« on: June 07, 2017, 01:51:58 PM »
So looking to find ATV/SxS insurance in Michigan, specifically Central / Northern Michigan where it is legal in most counties to ride on the road (only county roads).   I have checked with the following agencies, and have commented on each.   For Michigan riders ... who are you insured with?

Nationwide - Price was good, no exclusions for riding (verbally by phone agent), trying to get this in writing. - Right now this is my ist choice to sign with.

Progressive - Excludes / restricts on road riding unless you are just crossing the road to get to a trail system. 

Liberty Mutual - Excludes / restricts on road riding unless you are just crossing the road to get to a trail system.

Rider - Covers riding on Legal roads (I assume they would cover riding on county roads since it is legal).  Was really expensive insurance.

Geico - Will not quote Michigan online or over the phone.   Have to request an application be mailed to the house.   Talked to an agent, he stated it was because of Michigan insurance laws (only provider that could not provide quote so far)

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Re: Insurance in Michigan
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I'm not in Mich, but I use Geico, they use the standard motorcycle ins. plan for UTV's, full coverage, covers everything, everywhere. $186.00 for 12 mos.
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Re: Insurance in Michigan
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2017, 06:23:14 AM »
Pekin is who insures my SxS.  Im not in Michigan of course but in Indiana.  It is right at $200 a year (just over it) and it is full coverage.  I have never had to make a claim so I cant say how they are with that.  SxS's are legal on the road in my county (its a county by county thing here in Indiana) but I didnt ask them about road insurance and such.
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