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CFMoto CF650TR Long-term Reliability
« on: January 06, 2017, 07:14:09 PM »
Re: CFMoto CF650TR Long-term Reliability

Forum Members,

Hello and happy new year!

I am writing to learn if anyone associated with CFMoto or CFMoto motorcycle ownership can recommend an English-based CFMoto motorcycle owner's forum.  If known, please reply to this post or send a PM.

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I am considering a 2012 CFMoto CF650TR or CF650TF sport-touring motorcycle with 12,000 kms or 7,500 miles in excellent condition. I have searched the Internet for information on the 2012 models and have found very little regarding long-term reliability of the earlier CF650TR/TK models. Most of the Google and YouTube hits reflect marketing information or first impressions from new owners. Very little information is available on the English-based motorcycle forums, that I could find.

If you own a CFMoto CF650TR or CF650TK motorcycle or any CFMoto motorcycle that shares the same 2012 650 motor, please post your model year, mileage, long-term impressions and any pre-mature failures other than the normal consumable items. I am a most interested in the long-term reliability of the motor and associated maintenance issues.

The reviews on the Net highlighted issues or premature failures associated with the following:
1. fuel-gauge failure/accuracy
2. insufficient legroom
3. rusty fuel tank (internal)
4. random throttle position sensor failures
5. valve failures
6. electrical problems
7. radiator failures
8. false oil pressure sensor failure alerts
9. uncomfortable seat
10. availability of service manuals
11. engine gasket failures
12. Excessive flex in handlebars
13. weak horn - replaced with aftermarket horns
14. short side stand - addressed with side stand extension
15. fuel-gauge failure/accuracy - addressed with new instrument panel
16. speedometer failure - addressed with new instrument panel
17. excessive premature light bulb failures - headlight bulbs replaced with HID lights
18. Unreliable instrument panel display; replaced with updated instrument panel

Was the 2012 the first model year?
What were the updates or upgrades between 2012-2016?
Is it true the 2012 CFMoto CF650TR motor was cloned after the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ER6N motor?

Finally, if you are taller than average, please reply with your leg's inseam length and opinions of the ergonomics. Has anyone successfully lowered the foot pegs and altered the gear shifter for more leg room or knee comfort? This motorcycle is being considered for an extended tour of China.

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Re: CFMoto CF650TR Long-term Reliability
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Hi David I to am considering a 650. And live in U.K.  Kent
Does not look like you had any replays , did you get one in the end. And was it all good or  not. Cheers


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Re: CFMoto CF650TR Long-term Reliability
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I don't think any of the members here own the 650 bike. I did give it a look when I was at a dealer. The dealer did claim it was a Kawasaki copy. From experience with cfmoto products, I would expect small issues here and there and wouldn't trust it on a long distance rides until I put a few miles on it.
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