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Deep water then no start. Solved
« on: August 13, 2017, 05:52:51 PM »
This is just an FYI. I went through a creek yesterday and my belt got flooded. No biggie on the belt just drained the belt housing. It started up and ran fine for about 5 minutes then died and would not start up. I check the air filter box for water and nothing there. I tore it apart and check the plugs. There was a small amount of water but nothing that would keep it from running. Got new plugs and flushed the water out of cylinders. Still didnt run. But noticed new water in cylinders. Check the intake manifold for water and clean as a whistle. So where is it coming from. Oh Yeah first thing I checked was water in the oil. All good.

Well pondering for a while I remembered that when I fill up my gas tank there is a strong smell gas for while when I go on a ride. I have even seen it leaking from the bottom of the 800. I just assumed it was an overflow but maybe this is linked some way. There is a big collar on the fuel inlet and outlet on the tank. It was loose as a goose. I tighten it up but it got me thinking that maybe with that loose maybe water got in my tank when submerged. I looked at my gas gauge and it was completely full, it should not be full with a half day ride. I think my gas tank is full of water. I drained out the fuel out and a bunch of creek water. I added some Heet and new gas and SUCCESS. It started but it still is hiccuping but its clearing up.

Adding to my list of thing to check before every ride
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Re: Deep water then no start. Solved
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There's a fuel filter behind the airbox that is now full of water..better change it. You can use any FI fuel filter. When it's time, I'm getting the biggest MoFo I can get in there.

Once off rig the line from the tank to a bucket and turn the key on for a bit. That'll flush out the pump and line.
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Re: Deep water then no start. Solved
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2017, 06:51:26 AM »
My fuel pump retainer ring was also loose. I had to take the lines off then tighten and reinstall the fuel lines. My wasn't too loose but it was loose enough to get a fuel smell