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Z550 variation
« on: September 11, 2018, 07:18:10 AM »
Pretty good video, although a few differences with the Zforce 550EX it does show some things and helped a lot, Was able to make a clutch compressor for instance. otherwise I would have made it way too short.

Also  didn't realise one of the holes was blank, I tapped that out so I could fit two 50mm (2") bolts.

The 550 has an insulated air tube running from behind the left seat to behind the cover so that needs releasing so it can be moved back to allow removal and on ours the driven or secondary nut came off with an air gun easy but the front (31mm) is a pig but the left hand threaded bolt cam out real easy, there is a second stage of thread by the way so it doesn't just slide out and I had to twist the secondary pulley off of the shaft and remove the belt with the primary in place.
Two belts gone boom! so far at about 7,000KM but we have some at 10K without problems, so far.