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I rode at Pottawatomi Offroad park in Fulton Mo.
« on: March 21, 2018, 07:05:49 PM »
 Been awhile since I posted anything here so I figured I'd share my little adventure at Pottawattomi Off Road park.
 It's about 2 miles east of Fulton Mo. The camping is very primitive, I do mean VERY PRIMITIVE!!!!! You pretty much camp in a field,several nice looking fishing lakes. The trails are not really well maintained,as in not maintained at all! Okay so it is an off road park. I landed Friday afternoon set up my camp,and enjoyed a few adult beverages, and as I was unloading my Z8 the skies opened up and unloaded about 3 inches of rain. Along with 45 mph winds. I waited it out after setting my canopy up for the second time with a few more adbevs. For the next 3 hrs I watched the rain proceed to flood my my little piece of heaven. By then it was to dark/late to get any riding in,and since this was my first visit I thought it wise to sit tight,and wait till morning.
 Next morning I got up, and fired up my buggy and went for a slide. Yes slide! Within 100 yards Me and my Z8 was covered in Mo. goo,clay,mud! I went about a mile and the mud holes got bigger,and greasier. Since I was alone in my adventure I figured I'd better stay on higher ground. After about an hour I headed back to my camp loaded everything up and headed to the house.
 Now then if it hadn't stormed I would have stayed another night, but since it did I wanted to make sure I was going to get myself out. Had I not had 4wd i would still be there. The mud coming out was about 4 inches deep,and it was slick,and trying to pull my trailer loaded.... well that just made it better! I was slinging mud all the into town.
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Re: I rode at Pottawatomi Offroad park in Fulton Mo.
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2018, 07:57:15 PM »
I gota tell ya..that's the kind of adventure I'd rather not have...lol..sorry it ended-up like it did. At least you got out...and home..pretty-much OK.
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