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Full Cabs with a Lexan Windshield on sale now.
« on: May 05, 2016, 12:45:18 AM »
All ZForce & RZR Full cab Enclosures with a Lexan Windshield & Dual Vents on sale now from $699.99. That's a saving of over $100.00. No further buying discounts or free shipping are available with this deal. This includes a set of modular soft doors worth $309.99, modular soft top $109.99, modular soft back $219.99 and the lexan windshield from $189.99 for the Standard Windshield. $239.99 for Premium & $349.99 for the Deluxe Windshield. For CF Moto Z8, RZR XP 1000, RZR XP Turbo & RZR S 1000 models we can swap the modular soft back panels for a lexan back at no extra cost. Extras lexan windshield tinted for $150.00, zip open windows in the doors for $39.99 & zip open back window for $39.99

We have got $45.89 per-loaded for shipping on our PayPal button to cover all corners, so if you want to place an order contact me and I will pass on a better shipping price than that.  The ZForce link is http://www.pacificeagleutv.com/cf-moto
Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures were the first manufacture to support CF Moto with aftermarket Cab Enclosures and Windshields. Today we manufacture 32 Cab Enclosure combos for the UForce 800 and also the UForce 550. We also manufacture 28 Cab combos for the Z8, Z5 & Z6. We think we have pretty much got CF Moto covered.