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CF Moto ZForce Rod Doors
« on: September 13, 2016, 08:30:41 PM »
These are our new CF Moto ZForce Rod Doors. They are hinged doors so no messing about with a Zipper. The doors open with the turn of a handle. When the doors are not needed they simple lift off the hinges. They close to a mounted steel frame. The CF Moto Rod Doors are made out of 3/8" steel rods that are cut and welded to make the door frame. The door frame is supported by an 11 gauge frame which the rod doors close against. We incorporate multiple pieces of 3/8” steel rods to make the frame as solid as we can. The rod door frame is covered with our marine canvas and a Vinyl Window.  Covering the frame with our material allows us to sew zippers along the windows that allow you to zip them open for air flow or to roll them back for maximum air flow. The steel portion of the frame is painted with a truck bed lining paint. The back panel of the door kit is made of ¼” Polycarb for maximum visibility.

We can offer the doors by themselves, or as an add on to our or your existing Cab panels. They are designed to work in with our Soft Top & the stock CF Moto Hard Top. For a full Hard Cab all you need is our Rod Door Kit with one of our Lexan Windshields, our Lexan Back Panel and the CF Moto Stock Hard Top. If you already have a Hard Windshield & Top, then you just need our Rod Door Kit and Lexan Back Panel.   
Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures were the first manufacture to support CF Moto with aftermarket Cab Enclosures and Windshields. Today we manufacture 32 Cab Enclosure combos for the UForce 500, 800 &1000. We also manufacture 28 Cab combos for the ZForce 500, 600, 800 & 1000. We think we have pretty much got CF Moto covered.


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