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The "How To" section is for posting instructions or information on How To Do something. New threads should direct or instruct someone on how to do or get something done. Feel free to post questions, comments or additional information that pertains to a subject in that existing thread but new threads with questions or that are not a "How To"- please post outside this section. We would like this to be only a Go-To-Information section. Like a database or library of Information. Post that do not follow this guideline will be moved to the appropriate section.

Let's talk about structure. We would like to have all the information on a subject all up front in the first post, not updates and new findings scattered throughout a thread so in order to accomplish that, as you, the OP (Original Poster or thread author) update your subject we would like you to simply modify the first post with an update and save. This way all the info is in one place for a reader to find and they won't have to read through many posts to get all the info and updates. OK, I know I have many to fix and over time I will move all updates into the first post. I...and you.. will just click on "Modify", and at the end we will just type in UPDATE and the current date, the add the update and save. I have done one for an example. Please take a look. - http://cfmoto-forum.com/how-to's/cheap-gps-system/

Oh, and just a side note...we love photos and videos!

Thank you.
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