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Brake Pad Replacement
« on: October 15, 2015, 09:23:21 PM »
This applies to a 2015 CForce 500 most likely other CForce models would be similar or same.

My Brake pads were completely shot after about 600km, and wanting to replace them with something of a higher quality I asked at the dealer for any suggestions.  They told me I could buy EBC Brakes for a Polaris Sportsman and simply drill the mounting holes with a 1/2 drill bit and they would go on no problem.  These are the 2 parts numbers I have used and aside from modifying the mounting holes they fit perfectly fine.  They don't have the tab in the centre which does cause them to seem to move around more but I've got almost 700km on these pads and not worn out yet.  Absolutely no issues with braking, exactly the same probably better than with the stock pads.  Also they were about $7 cheaper than the OEM ones.

EBC FA159X & FA159R. 

These are for the front pads, I still have lots of Pad on the rear.