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2020 cforce 500 HO starting issues..
« on: October 16, 2019, 11:20:22 AM »
Weird one, at the top of a hill after a good climb, my sons cf500 would stall if he didn't keep his thumb on the throttle.
Being said, once on a level surface I shut everything down and went thru a normal startup, and it tries to start, but wouldn't catch until i used the thumb throttle to give it gas.
Now at the same time, i could hear a weird, and very loud, "data" type noise under the seat or even bubbling weird noise from the ECU, and it wasn't the battery. so I double checked all the connections everywhere and they were tight.
I started it using the throttle to get it going then went back to the trailer.
Once back at the trailer the damn thing wouldn't do it! nothing was hot to the touch or anything like that.       
I've attached a vid/sound clip of the weird noise, sorry about me in the background yelling at my other son.
It hasn't done it again, but haven't run it long since.
Anyone ??
Thnx ;)