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2016 500 H.O. won't start.Seems like no fuel?
« on: July 31, 2018, 02:05:31 PM »
Hello new to the forum. Seeing if anyone else has had this issue or knows what might be going on. Anyways I burned about 100 bucks in gas this weekend to go four wheeling with some friends. I got to the park with them. I unloaded my quad from the back of my truck and I was letting it idle to warm up while I was putting my boots on and getting ready to ride. As it was idling, it started to slow down in idle. It sounded almost like when you turn the shut off valve on a carbureted four wheeler and the bowl runs out of fuel and it died. We tried several times to start it and it would run for like one sec and shut off. The only thing that changed since the last time I rode it was  I put gas in it this morning. My friend suggested to get some ISO heat and seafoam. We still didn't have any luck getting it to start. I did what I could out in the parking lot to try and diagnose it. I hear the fuel pump coming on. I pulled the cap on the plug and it would arch sparks. I check fuses and switched some relays around.  I have tried starting it a few days later also and no luck.. One time on a trail (when it had less than 100 miles give or take) I was stuck for 20 mins because it kept loading up on fuel and would smoke terribly. It was like it wasn't getting spark or the injector was stuck wide open. I rode my 500 cforce down some dirt roads last week before this ride and it ran great. I checked all my fluids and everything is good. I only have 400 miles on the quad. I took it into a dealer last year and I don't have a very good one and I mentioned the incident of quad not starting and it smoking and they acted like I was making it up and never checked it over.. Has anyone had this problem? Is it possible the fuel injector is stuck closed? Do they get stuck or could the ECM tell it to be stuck? I have been in some mud and water, but never over the seat and I have never had water in the oil.